Sunday, August 19, 2007

Hey, wait a minute.....

I haven't mentioned the wildlife yet. For a long time on the road I was wondering whether or not any wildlife existed anymore. I finally came upon a smattering of it in Utah.
Here's what really made my heart smile at Zion! (Sorry for all you people who know it's wrong and want to argue with me about how it's wrong. I know it's wrong. But tell me, how can something that is wrong feel soooo right?) I fed a wild animal right out of my hand!! Just like my childhood hero, Grizzly Adams, I felt a true connection with the beast. Like our souls were on the same level, when no one else on earth has been able to fully understand me. It wasn't easy, we both had to work through our issues with distrust. And now, I'll never forget my little buddy. I miss him already.

We met while we were at a designated picnic area in the park. Word spread and then this guy came over with some friends.

These little monkeys were so cute (that's right, I said monkeys), I decided to bring them home with me. They fit nicely in the car and they are behaved enough, they don't distract me too much while I'm driving.

And last, but certainly not least, the beast that used to rule the grasslands. The beast whose numbers were decimated down to a mere 200 head in just 15 years time. This beauty of a beast.

He's real cool. They call him "wild", but he's fenced into a pasture and he rolls right up to the fence line to get his water while 30 humans gawk. Then he turns to stroll back to his herd real stately like. But I feel like he's saying something smart-ass under his breath as he goes. Don't you?


Peachy Keen said...

hullo darling! you missed the rain here, although, if you had to go/come back west - maybe you did get it...??? anyway, my garden, she grows loverly.

how was the rodeo? what the hell happened? and yes, I vaguely remember jeff, uh, Hi Jeff! if you're reading!

Those sand dunes are crazy. It was lovely to see you and to meet your charming mum - be well! love, e

Anonymous said...

I don't know Mila, it looks like you gave your chipmunk friend a 'cig'....and that is intolerable!