Saturday, August 18, 2007

Day 6

Just to let you know, I am posting this post from Seattle. Here I sit in Erica's back yard on an early (not so early) Seattle Saturday morning. She has a lovely place to stay here and Mummy and I are very comfortable. The house she is sitting looks so much like something out of Domino magazine I had to take pictures of every square foot of it. I'll use the pictures to inspire my own remodeling project back east.
Day 6 on the road.....well, my notebook is in the car, but that was the day we visited the national parks in Utah. Bryce and Zion. On the way there, we stopped at Big Rock Candy Mountain, which I'm sure was one of the songs from O Brother, Where Art Thou, and we stopped to purchase some things. Now, when my brother Rock, and his wife Luvy, went on his honeymoon in California he made friends with some bears. He's so good at making friends. When I saw this bear at Big Rock Candy Mountain, I asked him if he knew my brother. He said he'd heard of him and asked if he could have his picture taken with me so that he could say he'd met Rock's sister. How could I say no?

So, let me tell you, Great Sand Dunes seemed like a protected jewel. There were hardly any other cars on the road to the entrance of that park and when we got there, although there were other people, tourists and campers, comparatively there were very few.
As you approach Bryce and Zion the fanfare surrounding them was a bit unsettling. I wondered if I was entering an amusement park rather than a national park. Billboards advertising gift shops, museums, trail-riding horse camps, RV camp sites, hotels and motels and resorts, ATV adventure companies, etc., lined the entrance road to Bryce. We drove on in, parked in the lot for Sunrise Point, and walked out a short distance through the pines to the ridge. And then.......and then........and then tears came to my eyes as this emerged before me

Words can't describe it.
On the other hand, there ARE words to describe people who walk around with bright yellow plastic bags on their heads.

Remember that bold little birdie that tried to beat my car across the road? Well, at a gas station before Bryce while checking my oil I noticed that it's carcass had fallen from the place where it was wedged below my hood down into a space in front of the radiator. I was concerned that it's body would rot there, creating an odor that would be somewhat unpleasant. So I wanted it out of my car. So in the lot at Sunrise Point, Bryce Canyon, I decided we'd better find a good stick to knock the dead birdie out of there. Mummy said, "I'm your man." And she was.

Well, folks. That's it for now. Stay tuned for a continuation of Day 6 on the road with "The Three Santooches".

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