Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Day 4

We left Limon, Co. at 8:10 am. We have traveled 1,772 miles to date. Mycol starts our day off with a little Ice-Cube, "Check yo'self". Gas just keeps getting more and more expensive. The cheapest we saw was way back in Indiana, for $2.57 a gallon. Of course, we didn't need any gas when we passed that station. We haven't seen anything less that $3.07 in 3 days. Haha. I just lied. We bought gas for $2.96/gallon in Walsenburg, Co. But still......we would like to be economical, and we've stayed in motels so far. The most expensive being $89 and the cheapest being $59. So, we went to Safeway and bought enough groceries to last us a day with snacks left over for $30 and we intend to camp tonight for $7 at Great Sand Dunes National Park in southern Colorado. But first, here is where tractors go when they die:

And here is what happens to bold little things that misjudge their timing:

He'll never have the guts to try that again.

(Sorry about that) Actually, on the morning of Day 4 I was feeling kinda like that. The night before I was EXHAUSTED and I hadn't really caught up yet with my sleep. So I was anxious to get to Great Sand Dunes and spend some time outside in the beautiful country. And as soon as I saw them I knew it was worth it. But I didn't see them until after I found this for you, Alison:

As for the Dunes, I'd always wanted to visit White Sands, New Mexico, but this trip wasn't going to take me along that route. I'd purchased a National Geographic Guide to the National Parks which featured Great Sand Dunes, Colorado. I'd never heard of the park, but the pictures were enough to sell me on a visit there. It's located in the south of Co., so we never actually had to pass through the better part of the Rockies. We did pass through the Sangre di Cristo mountain range. When we got to the park we hiked through the dunes and admired the view for a good long time. The temperature outside was perfect. The sunlight was perfect. We loved it so much there was no question that we would spend the night. It was my mom's first time ever camping! And she loved it, too. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Alright, gotta get to bed early to get up early. Stay tuned for more from Day 4 tomorrow (even though it will be Day 6 in reality!) Betcha your jealous, though.


stitches said...

OMG!!! it's so pretty out there! mOREMOREMORE!

Ms. Artmaker said...

Mila, you should've told me you were heading to Zapata Falls. I would've had my people call your people to set you up for the night. On the way back, be sure to tell em I sent you.

Shady says Whats up! BOL! (thats Bark out loud in case you missed it) She's hanging out in the air conditioning today by the fish tank. We just had a crazy storm here today! Floods everywhere, water turned off, no lights! She's enjoying her new cat posse.